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Presenting the 2014 Myths and Legends Convention!

Myths and Legends celebrates our modern myths and legends. We believe that the only difference between stories of Hercules and Harry Potter, or the fall of Troyand the fall of the Mordor, is time. Hundreds of years from now, which of the stories we obsess over today will still be told? Will they tell tales of The Doctor, a mysterious figure who always appears right where he is needed? Or will they recount the lineage of Celestia and Luna and the deeds they performed? We do not know which stories will persist, but they all have the possibility of surviving the test of time.

Each year, Myths and Legends celebrates a changing selection of fandoms. For 2014, we carry forward Harry Potter, Firefly, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, andMy Little Pony. In addition, we are pleased to include Game of Thrones!


Weekend Tickets are $25 for adults (13 and older), $12 for children (7 to 12), and free to our younger mini-fans (with supervising adult attendee).

The link to buy tickets is http://malcondenver2014.brownpapertickets.com.

There are also options to pre-order t-shirts, pint glasses, and to get into the Hobbit Elevenses event, all available on BPT.

Programming and Activities

We’ve got so much planned for Myths and Legends Con that we need three days to do it all!

We are still in the planning stages, and will update this page when we know which big events are happening when.

Last year, the Wizards Yule Ball and Browncoats Shindig were quite popular and we expect to bring them back.

In addition, there will be panels and discussions about all of our fandoms, and the always popular hands-on crafts room.

Also, we will once again have musical guests to inspire us to sing, dance, and be merry.


Come by the gaming room for a chance to win one of our play-to-win games!

How it works: Play one of the games, then tell our gaming room volunteer. Every play is another entry into the drawing for that game!


Please feel free to dress up as your favorite character(s) during the convention. (We sure plan to!)  When planning your costume, please mind the following guidelines:

  • Keep it PG: This is a family-friendly convention.
  • No realistic-looking weapons: If our security can’t tell from a distance that it is a fake weapon, then it is too real.  We applaud your authenticity, but must ask that you leave it at home.
  • Specifically: metal weapons are not permitted. Working projectile weapons are not permitted.

Love the artwork?

The Myths and Legends artwork is the creation of Chaz Kemp, a Denver-based award winning Art Nouveau illustrator.



Visit Chaz’s website

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