2014 Performers

2014 Musical Guests and other Performers

Pandora Celtica


Greetings, felicitations, and hello!

We are Pandora Celtica, a dark faerie Celtic acappella band from the land of dreams and myth. The Queens and Kings of the Fae have ordered the creation of our band that we may be a beacon of magic and high art in the mundane realms, both for the mortals and for you, our fellow Bright Beings, who make your home here. Visit them online at http://www.pandoraceltica.com/.

Tomas O’Dreams


Tomas O’Dreams will alternately say that he was created at the dawn of time, or that he hails from Loch Dannan in the land of the Faerie. During his youth, whenever that was, Tomas traveled the world collecting human tales and myths. He found himself in many far away places, more exotic than the land he comes from, and studied stories to bring back to the Faerie Court. Upon his return to Lothlorien, he gained the attention of Queen Titania. The Queen was so entertained by Tomas that she bestowed upon him the honor of being her personal Storyteller.

Tomas now travels the human realms again. He shares his knowledge of the faerie and myths of old to any who will listen – He also gathers new ones to entertain the Queen. When not with Her Majesty; Tomas likes to play games like Faerie Chess, clean his Pot of Gold, and meet new Humans.

Tomas O’Dreams has been entertaining both adults and children since 1987. Tomas is quick to tell a story or share the secrets of Fairy life to those who listen. Usually this trickster can be seen at Renaissance Festivals and Fairy Events around the Colorado area.

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The Kilted Man


Veteran performer Matthew Gurnsey delights audiences with his rousing performances of traditional Irish and Scottish music. Through the marriage of wit and finesse, Gurnsey charms his audiences, sweeping them into tales of wayward voyages, unrequited love and the vibrantly colorful lives of the every-man beloved of many Irish tales. His unique talents with traditional Celtic instruments such as the concertina, bodhran, bones and mandolin, add an air of authenticity to each piece and his stirringly rich bass voice provides the foundation for the hauntingly beautiful melodies. 

No stranger to live performance, Matthew began performing at a very young age and has appeared on hundreds of stages nationally and internationally, delighting thousands with his Scottish swagger and homespun charm. Matt especially honed his Celtic skills while living in Scotland among the people and culture that are his heritage and the inspiration for his music.


“Like Early Clancy Brothers, hale and hearty!” -Stuart Meyers WRFG-FM, Atlanta, 89.3

“Hauntingly beautiful, and very refreshing. Takes you back to a long forgotten time and place that still seems somehow familiar.” Carmen Allgood -The Colorado Wave