2014 Vendors

2014 Vendors

Following last year’s example, the 2014 Myths and Legends vendor room will be filled with purveyors of the finest wares for your shopping desires, bringing you a variety of quality items to support your love of the various fandoms. Our confirmed vendors are listed below.

Alli Cat Crafts


Alli Cat Crafts offers handcrafted hats and small accessories from professional milliner Allison Lyndes. A collection of fandom inspired pieces including mini top hats, fleece squid hats, and geeky headbands, will be created especially for MALCon! Allison will also be available to discuss custom commissions.

Visit Alli Cat Crafts’ Etsy Page

Beauty and the Beads / Rockhound Studio

Sparkles, Critters, and Rocks, Oh My!

Unusual and handmade rock art (fantasy and new age), jewelry (fantasy, animals, steampunk crossover), and fantasy jewelry boxes.

BottleCap Graphics


BottleCap Graphics (home of local artist Julie Hamilton and her faithful assistant, Sasha the studio cat) offers a whimsical collection of original art in the form of posters, mini prints, postcards, stickers, plushies, keychains and many other fine items. We love meeting new people, so please stop by and say hello!

Visit BottleCap Graphics’ Website

Cabochon & Persnickity


A Bit of Whimsy, A Bit of Fantasy
A Bit of Beauty, A Bit of Steam
Always One of a Kind

Visit Cabochon & Persnickity’s Etsy shop

Visit Cabochon & Persnickity’s Website

Clever Girl Crafts


Unique planters and terrariums with a geeky twist. I use found items to create unique and clever pieces. These are fun conversation pieces for the home or office.


Visit Clever Girl Crafts’ Facebook page

Creative Dragons and SemperFi Design



At Creative Dragons and SemperFi Design we create and handcraft beautiful, fun jewelry with sci/fi, fantasy, steampunk, and retro/vintage themes and offer a lot of one of a kind pieces as well as beautiful hand painted wood boxes painted by Sarah Brazee-Cannon. Creative Dragons and SemperFi Design also take custom orders and have very affordable prices. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

Visit Creative Dragons’ Facebook Page
Visit SemperFi’s Etsy Page

Dozing Gnome Massage

Relaxing Chair and foot massage for all!

Dryad Tea


Dryad Tea brings high quality loose leaf tea and blends to tea drinkers everywhere. Focusing on teas inspired by music, literary works and more.

Starting out in 2012 with blends inspired by Pandora Celtica, Dryad Tea has found a love for blends you can’t find anywhere else.

We strive to make every blend unique, and to have each blend accurately reflect the inspiration behind it.


Visit Dryad Tea’s Website

Ethereal Adornment


Ethereal Adornment specializes in handcrafted jewelry and other accessories. Express your inner geek with jewelry for men and women! Custom orders are welcome for everything from geekery to jewelry and accessories for weddings, prom, other special events, and the everyday.

Visit Ethereal Adornment’s Website

The Everlasting Gobstopper

Treasures for fans with very little pocket money.  Organic lipbalms, handmade jewelry, and custom accessories spanning the MALCon fandoms.

Festival of Faerie


Shall you be a unicorn, have a dragon, be a kitty, a growling scull, pirate, or enhance your costume with unique art? Add to the uniqueness of your costume here at the Myths & Legends convention and make for even more memorable pictures; bring your ideas  to Yvonne (Nissa the Fairy) for Fun & Fancy Face Painting.


Geeky Like Me


Handmade geekery for your home or person.  Everything from totes to towels, costumes to customs, man, women or child, no one is left out.  Majority of my items are one of a kind, unique – just like you.  Special orders always welcomed, you can dream it, I can make it.

Visit Geeky Like Me’s Facebook page

Visit Geeky Like Me’s Etsy Shop

Kalijor Press


Kalijor Press is breaking new ground in the Science-Fiction and Fantasy genres by combining the high-tech with the high fantasy in ways that not only make sense, but delight lovers of both genres.

Visit Kalijor Press’ Website

Kirin Games


Kirin Games sells a wide variety of traditional games and game related merchandise, selling Role Playing Games, card games, collectible miniature games, as well as board games. The owners of Kirin Games have been involved in gameplay, testing, art and game design for over 40 years; Kirin Ltd was incorporated in the state of Colorado in 2006 and has been very active in the Colorado Gaming and Convention community.

Visit Kirin Games’ Facebook page

Lilla Rose


Desert Rose and Lilla Rose are a dynamic team. Covering you from hair to toes, these accessory companies are perfect partners for all your cosplay and dress up needs.

Visit Lilla Rose’s Website

The Mad Tatter


The Mad Tatter creates lace designs incorporated into jewelry. I take the Victorian art of tatting and bring it back in the present for people to enjoy.



Geekify your home & office with your favorite characters & themes! Nerdlers are all handmade, and custom orders are welcome.

Visit Nerdler’s Etsy Shop

Pierced/Poodle Designs

Pierced/Poodle Designs is the amalgamation of two Jewelry design companies; Purple Poodle Designs which is owned and operated by Brianne Beecroft and Hawkeye Pierced Designs which is run by Steven Campbell and Christina Smith. All jewelry is handmade. Materials include but are not limited to silver, copper, brass, silver fill, repurposed watch parts and stones

Visit Hawkeye Pierced Designs’ Etsy Shop
Visit Purple Poodle Designs’ Etsy Shop

Revive Gifts


Revive Gifts creates One of a Kind Steampunk Clothing, Art and Jewelry from Vintage and Upcycled Materials. Our unique items are hand crafted in Denver by our family of artists. This year we are expanding our line to include Mini-Hats, Custom Weaponry, Corsets and more!

For this year’s Myths and Legends Con we’ve been hard at work creating Quiddich Harnesses, Dr. Who Bow Ties, and even a few weapons for Capt. Reynolds and his crew!

Visit Revive Gifts’ Etsy Shop

Rocky Mountain Games


Rocky Mountain Games is a Colorado-based game publisher of board, card, and role playing games.

They will be demonstrating their new game, Zero Hour: Cyberspace, which will be backable on Kickstarter during Myths and Legends!

Visit Rocky Mountain Games’ Website

Shenaniguild: A Ladies Handiwork Society

Shenaniguild is the creative outlet of collaborative artists Megan Savors and Suzanne Gutierrez. Self-proclaimed ‘Multi-Crafters’, these Queens of Creativity offer jewelry, accessories, and more in a variety of mediums, often featuring chainmail, crystals, fabric, and seed beads.  Ranging from pretty and playful to dark and snarky, you’re sure to fall in love with one of their ingenious designs.

Visit Shenaniguild’s Website

Star Shepherd Creations


Your jewelry can be pretty AND have meaning! Fandom-friendly jewelry and fantasy sculpture, custom work available.


Visit Star Shepherd Creations’ Website

Visit Star Shepherd Creations’ Etsy Page

Two Old Bears


Two Old Bears Studio provides their customers with the best in commercial and custom jewelry (chainmail, wirewrap and beading), geared towards fantasy.

Visit Two Old Bears Studio’s Website

Whimsical Entropy


Here at Whimsical Entropy we sell wings, lots of wings. We have Dragon wings, Feather Wings, and Fairy Wings. You wear them like a backpack and they are adjustable so you can wear them in many different ways, and they condense down small for storage.

We will also have some cat ears, hats, jewelry made from beads and fused glass, as well as a selection of buttons. You can also find us at our website, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

Visit Whimsical Entropy’s Website