2015 Artists


Becca Sakamoto

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In love with everything crafty, Fantasy, and Science Fiction, Becca makes sure to spend part of every day doing something creative as well as reading. When not sewing and playing with yarn, Becca can be found in the kitchen trying out new recipes.

Chaz Kemp


Bram Stoker Award finalist Chaz Kemp embraces an Art Nouveau style that incorporates vibrancy and color scheme into fantasy and steampunk art in a way that is rarely seen. As an illustrator, the influence of Alphonse Mucha & Ivan Bilibin is evident in his award winning work that combines the artistic energy of the Roaring 20s with the untamed possibilities of steampunk and fantasy.

Chaz Kemp is a featured artist in steampunk legend Paul Roland’s book “Steampunk: Back to the Future with the New Victorians”. Amazing Stories magazine featured him in the November 2014 issue, and his work has been seen in other publications such as Steampunk Magazine,Savage Insider and Aurealis. Over the years Chaz has created art for game publishers, sci-fi conventions and several book covers including the anthology “Cthulhu Passant”, edited by Travis Heerman. In 2012, he illustrated a graphic novel entitled “Behind These Eyes” written by Guy Anthony De Marco and Peter J. Wacks. The graphic novel was a Bram Stoker Award finalist.

He also performs with the dark, faerie, Celtic acapella band, Pandora Celtica.

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James Humble

2015-Artist-James Humble-Headshot

Well, I was born about… let’s just say a while ago in Virginia. We moved early in my life to Colorado where I’ve spent most of my time and currently reside. Some people think I was born with a pencil in one hand and some clay in the other. It’s pretty much true. I lucked out since my parents supported my art habit. In fact early on my mother and I baked one of my first clay pieces in the old oven. Of course it was crayola clay and it just melted and stunk up the house! Whoops! Live and learn.

I’ve progressed since those days and still strive to improve. My life experiences have shaped my art in particular a 3 year stay in Germany and Europe. There my love of art (in particular the human form, gargoyles, grotesques and mythology) was really intensified. I’ve been pursuing my vision and passion to create now for more than 20 years.

I’m skilled in drawing, painting, sculpture and computer graphics. I’m constantly striving to adapt novel and unexpected techniques with unusual media to produce fine art. I try to keep my work fresh, unexpected and widely divergent. Enjoy looking around and feel free to let me know what you think.

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Kathryn Renta


Kathryn S. Renta is an award winning artist and recent immigrant to Colorado. She grew up in California with a vivid imagination and unquenchable curiosity. With an intense fear of blank pages, she set out to fill every single one she could. That included sketchbooks, notebooks, journals, random bits of paper, and the wall behind her childhood bed!

In addition to 15+ years as a graphic artist and illustrator, her work includes over a decade of lettering comics for Viz Media, Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics and several independent publishers. These days she devotes her creative energy to designing and illustrating book covers.

You can find her at:

Peri Charlifu

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Peri Charlifu is a professional artist and has been self employed for 34 years. He participates in 30-40 convention art shows a season and has made 40,000+ pieces of pottery in his professional tenure. A local Colorado Artist, Peri has been Artist Guest of Honor at a dozen conventions, including, Windycon, Bubonicon, Apollocon, and many others. Proficient in pottery, sculpture, drawing, painting, photography and metal smiting, his first love is wheel work. He currently teaches an adult Pottery class on Tuesday nights at Stoneleaf Pottery in Arvada Colorado. He is always willing to stop and talk to his fans and to beginning artist. He is a treasure house of information and is more than willing to share his knowledge and experience with others!

Robert Hay

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Robert Hay has an appreciation for all forms of art. He likes to lay in the sun and sketch for hours at a time. When not sketching, he can be found doing leatherwork, painting, and digital work.