2015 Vendors

The 2015 Myths and Legends vendor room will be filled with purveyors of the finest wares for your shopping desires, bringing you a variety of quality items to support your love of our various fandoms. Our vendors are listed below.

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2 Wyrd Sisters & Chronohoard

2015-Vendor-2 Wyrd Sisters-Logo

We’re a little company making bath and body stuff to make you feel and smell delicious. Everything is as close to organic as I can get and made in small batches in my kitchen with love and care.

The way I see my products is if I wouldn’t eat them, or at least taste them, I won’t sell them to you.

We sell bath salts, salt/sugar scrubs, lip balms, bath fizzies, massage bars, lotions, body sprays, hand sanitizers, and massage oils, and anything else that pops into my tiny little mind.  Or anything that you, my friends would like me to concoct for you.

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Alli Cat Crafts


Alli Cat Crafts offers handcrafted hats and small accessories from professional milliner Allison Lyndes. A collection of fandom inspired pieces including mini top hats, fleece squid hats, and geeky headbands, will be created especially for MALCon! Allison will also be available to discuss custom commissions.

Visit Alli Cat Crafts’ Etsy Page

Beauty and the Beads / Rockhound Studio

Sparkles, Critters, and Rocks, Oh My!

Unusual and handmade rock art (fantasy and new age), jewelry (fantasy, animals, steampunk crossover), and fantasy jewelry boxes.


Bottlecap Graphics


Julie Hamilton is a graphic designer, digital artist, Denver native and all-around crafty person. With an eclectic professional background including fashion design, costuming, and CAD drafting, she brings a unique and whimsical perspective to all her projects…all while under the watchful eye of Sasha the Studio Cat. Her company, BottleCap Graphics, offers a line of posters, mini prints, stationery, plushies and other fun miscellany. See what she’s been up to lately at www.bottlecap-graphics.com.

Brannan Bath Soaps

2015-Vendor-Brannan Bath Soaps-LogoSmall

All natural homemade bath products, including soap, bath salts, sugar scrubs, bath bombs and body butter.

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Cabochon & Persnickity


A Bit of Whimsy, A Bit of Fantasy
A Bit of Beauty, A Bit of Steam
Always One of a Kind

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Clever Girl Crafts


Unique planters and terrariums with a geeky twist. I use found items to create unique and clever pieces. These are fun conversation pieces for the home or office.


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Creative Dragons & Semper Fi



At Creative Dragons and SemperFi Design we create and handcraft beautiful, fun jewelry with sci/fi, fantasy, steampunk, and retro/vintage themes and offer a lot of one of a kind pieces as well as beautiful hand painted wood boxes painted by Sarah Brazee-Cannon. Creative Dragons and SemperFi Design also take custom orders and have very affordable prices. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

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Danea Fidler Illustrations

2015-Vendor-Danea Fidler

Four eyed creatures, bird like mammals, and carnivorous monsters are found roaming the spectacular realms of Danea Fidler’s mind. She has a passion for the natural world, which she draws upon to design and create imaginary creatures and surreal domains. Danea always is on the lookout for new and wondrous concepts that help her bring these illusions to life.


  • Illustration
  • Concept Art
  • Scientific Illustration
  • Creature and Character Design
  • Environment Design
  • Animal Illustration
  • Wildlife Art

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Dinosaur Mermaid


Dinosaur Mermaid represents the eclectic artwork of Jamie Judson.

  • Art prints – fanart and fine art
  • Etched Shot Glasses and Drinking Glasses with fandom inspired designs
  • Zipper Monster Bags
  • Pins
  • Kanzashi Hair Flowers
  • Owl Plushes
  • Zombie plushes
  • Art on commission


Dozing Gnome Massage


Relaxing Chair and foot massage for all!



Dryad Tea


Dryad Tea brings high quality loose leaf tea and blends to tea drinkers everywhere. Focusing on teas inspired by music, literary works and more.

Starting out in 2012 with blends inspired by Pandora Celtica, Dryad Tea has found a love for blends you can’t find anywhere else.

We strive to make every blend unique, and to have each blend accurately reflect the inspiration behind it.


Visit Dryad Tea’s Website

Fame and Fortune Artisans


Supplying you with custom made leather goods for your costuming and LARPing needs.

All manners of leather goods: belts, baldrics, holsters/pistols, leatherbound spellbooks, masks, tiaras, crowns, bracers, pouches,accessories for belts and more.

Visit Fame and Fortune Artisans’ Website


Foxy Funk Designs with PropFunk

2015-Vendor-PropFunk & Foxy Funk Designs-LogoSmall

Meredith and Uriah Funk are a dynamic duo with laser power. They create collectible and wearable works of art from a wide range of fandoms. They live in Loveland, Colorado with their awesome 7 year old son and neurotic cat.

Propfunk started in June 2013 and brings to life items from galaxies far away, brooding gothic cities, and mutant rated accessories. His work has been featured in Game Informer Online and he has done custom work for costumers across the globe.

FoxyFunk Designs creates jewelry, accessories and home adornments influenced by retro gaming, modern fashions and visions of the future.

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The Fyxt RPG system is a static universal tabletop RPG rule set that can be used to play any myth or legend. Play any style game or genre: fantasy, technology, sci-fi, modern day, or any combination. Improve your RPG group with a fun, fast, flexible, streamlined, and balanced d20 style RPG system. Everything is online and digital. Use a phone, tablet, or laptop to play.

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Honest Harry’s

Honest Harry’s used Steampunk/scifi weapons, widgets, and whatnot.


Joe Becker

2015-Vendor-Joe Becker-Logo-small

Graphic artist by day and Illustrator by night, Joe Becker keeps himself busy. He and his wife have three boys who are full of energy.

Colorado’s native son works primarily with pencil, ink, markers as well as digitally. Joe’s art crosses multiple genres but his passion lies within the superheroes, science fiction, and steampunk genres. Combining genres and giving his art a “humanistic touch” sets him apart.

Joe is highly educated in the art of graphic design and drawing, taught by many of the finest professors in Colorado. He spent time honing his craft on the Western Slope as well as in downtown Denver. Becker’s work has been viewed worldwide, but he is devoted to building Colorado’s local comic art community. A regular at many of the local conventions, he enjoys interacting with fans and artists alike.

Joe, AKA Django Fett, is an active member of the weekly art collective, “Red Team GO!” and is a founding member of “The Grave Robbers Society,” a philanthropic collegiate art group. In his spare time, Joe enjoys writing self bios in the third person. He can be reached at @ThatJoeBecker or facebook.com/joe.magog

Kirin Games


Kirin Games sells a wide variety of traditional games and game related merchandise, selling Role Playing Games, card games, collectible miniature games, as well as board games. The owners of Kirin Games have been involved in gameplay, testing, art and game design for over 40 years; Kirin Ltd was incorporated in the state of Colorado in 2006 and has been very active in the Colorado Gaming and Convention community.

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The Mad Tatter


The Mad Tatter creates lace designs incorporated into jewelry. I take the Victorian art of tatting and bring it back in the present for people to enjoy.

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Out In Colorado Writers


Out In Colorado Writers is a group of Colorado-based authors of GLBT fiction. Out in Colorado began when Marie looked around one day and realized there were nearly a dozen authors of gay romance living in her home state. The logical step was to corral them all into one place and take over the world help each other as best we could. We have since expanded to include lesbian authors, aspiring authors, and a blogger or two.

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Readings By Andarta

2015-Vendor-Readings By Andarta-Logo

Have questions about your love life? Wondering about your career or money options? Feeling lost or confused about your life in general? Visit Andarta for a tarot reading from a spiritual adviser with 18 years experience.

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Revive Gifts

2015-Vendor-Revive Gifts-Logo

Revive Gifts creates One of a Kind Steampunk Clothing, Art and Jewelry from Vintage and Upcycled Materials. Our unique items are hand crafted in Denver by our family of artists.

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Star Shepherd


Your jewelry can be pretty AND have meaning! Fandom-friendly jewelry and fantasy sculpture, custom work available.


Visit Star Shepherd Creations’ Website

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Stitches by Shelby

2015-Vendor-Stitches By Shelby-Logo

Stitches by Shelby sells ready-made and custom pop-culture corsets. We also accept costume commissions!

2015-Vendor-Stitches By Shelby-SampleSmall

Visit Stitches by Shelby’s Website


Stray Wolf Studios

2015-Vendor-Stray Wolf Studios-Logo

Original fantasy painting, prints, fantasy plushies, and more!

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Two Old Bears Studio


Two Old Bears Studio provides their customers with the best in commercial and custom jewelry (chainmail, wirewrap and beading), geared towards fantasy.

Visit Two Old Bears Studio’s Website


Two Phat Cats


Two Phat Cats is a family business that makes fun, geeky clothing and accessories for men, women, and children using pop culture print fabric. We offer button down shirts, corsets, skirts, dresses, hats, and headbands – what better way to show off your fandom than by wearing it?



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Wings, Charms, & Things

2015-Vendor-Wings, Charms and Things-Logo-small

Wings, Charms, and Things better known as Wings CT is run by Yuki and 5th Child. We recently changed business name from Whimsical Entropy so please pardon our dust and stay tuned for updates on all our product lines while we change over. Like us on Facebook for a chance at special offers and discounts.

We are adding dragon wing patterns, more kinds of fairy wings and attachable draw string bag options to all our dragon and feather wings, as well as new kinds of fairy wings. Custom queen sized geeky quilts, animal aprons, and hundreds of charms you can choose from to make your bracelets and necklaces, no two are exactly alike.

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