2016 Vendors

The 2016 Myths and Legends vendor room will be filled with purveyors of the finest wares for your shopping desires, bringing you a variety of quality items to support your love of our various fandoms. Our confirmed vendors will be listed below.

2016 Vendor Room Map:
2016-Vendor Room Map

2 Wyrd Sisters & Chronohoard

2015-Vendor-2 Wyrd Sisters-Logo

We’re a little company making bath and body stuff to make you feel and smell delicious. Everything is as close to organic as I can get and made in small batches in my kitchen with love and care.

The way I see my products is if I wouldn’t eat them, or at least taste them, I won’t sell them to you.

We sell bath salts, salt/sugar scrubs, lip balms, bath fizzies, massage bars, lotions, body sprays, hand sanitizers, and massage oils, and anything else that pops into my tiny little mind.  Or anything that you, my friends would like me to concoct for you.

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8-Bit Body Scrub

2016-Vendor-8 Bit Body Scrub-logo_small

8-Bit Body is a collection of organic scrubs with a nerdy twist. Each scrub is made with a nerdy theme in mind, ranging from movies to TV shows to games. The ingredients, such as organic coconut oil, organic cane sugar, and essential oils, are carefully selected to ensure a high quality product.

2016-Vendor-8 Bit Body Scrub-sample 1_small 2016-Vendor-8 Bit Body Scrub-sample 2_small

Beauty and the Beads / Rockhound Studio

Sparkles, Critters, and Rocks, Oh My!

Unusual and handmade rock art (fantasy and new age), jewelry (fantasy, animals, steampunk crossover), and fantasy jewelry boxes.

Black Becomes Her

Black Becomes Her integrates cameos into jewelry and accessories with Gothic, Victorian, Steampunk, and Fantasy stylings.

Blue Jasmine Studios

2016-Vendor-Blue Jasmine Studios-Logo_small


Blue Jasmine Studios / Whimsical Whiskers creates unique, one of kind handmade stuffed animals. Cats, dragons, and other lovable creatures are locally made with care. Themed quilts, home decor items, baby gifts and bow ties, too! Commissions welcome. Adopt a snuggly animal friend today!

2016-Vendor-Blue Jasmine Studios-Example 1_small

2016-Vendor-Blue Jasmine Studios-Example 3_small


Brannan Bath Soaps

2015-Vendor-Brannan Bath Soaps-LogoSmall

All natural homemade bath products, including soap, bath salts, sugar scrubs, bath bombs and body butter.

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Clever Girl Crafts


Unique planters and terrariums with a geeky twist. I use found items to create unique and clever pieces. These are fun conversation pieces for the home or office.


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Clockwork Dragon

2016-Vendor-Clockwork Dragon-logo_small

Clockwork Dragon offers curious fantasy and science fiction books for eclectic minds. Our member authors have published over thirty titles in fantasy and science fiction subgenres, and we’re especially proud to offer all three of Writerpunk Press’s charity anthologies–Shakespeare Goes Punk 1 & 2, and Poe Goes Punk. Look for the friendly people in the fabulous hats with the clockwork dragon.

2016-Vendor-Clockwork Dragon-sample_small

Danea Fidler Illustrations

2016-Vendor-Danea Fidler-logo_small

Four eyed creatures, bird like mammals, and carnivorous monsters are found roaming the spectacular realms of Danea Fidler’s mind. She has a passion for the natural world, which she draws upon to design and create imaginary creatures and surreal domains. She’s always is on the lookout for new and wondrous concepts that help her bring these illusions to life.

2016-Vendor-Danea Fidler-sample1_small2

2016-Vendor-Danea Fidler-sample2_small2
Danea currently resides in Black Hawk, Colorado, but can often be found seeking inspirations in the wilds of the Rocky Mountains or deep into her extensive library. She also participates in various fantasy conventions including Denver Comic Con, Salt Lake City Comic Con, MALcon, among many more. Heather Carr and her teach creature design classes at Denver Comic Con in addition to classes out of their studio.

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Dozing Gnome


Relaxing Chair and foot massage for all!

Dryad Tea


Dryad Tea brings high quality loose leaf tea and blends to tea drinkers everywhere. Focusing on teas inspired by music, literary works and more.

Starting out in 2012 with blends inspired by Pandora Celtica, Dryad Tea has found a love for blends you can’t find anywhere else.

We strive to make every blend unique, and to have each blend accurately reflect the inspiration behind it.


Frontier Millinery (prev. Alli Cat Crafts)

2016-Vendor-Frontier Millinery-Logo_small

Frontier Millinery (formerly Alli Cat Crafts) offers handcrafted hats and small accessories from professional milliner Allison Lyndes. Pirate hats, mini top hats, fleece hats and headbands, and so much more will be available, and an assortment of fun, geeky, and fandom inspired pieces will be created especially for MALCon! Custom commissions are always welcome, too, so come chat with Allison about your costume and cosplay needs and ideas!

Jeremy Aaron Moore – Illustrator

2016-Vendor-Jeremy Aaron Moore-logo-small

Jeremy’s illustrations and paintings depict impressions of the imagination. His narratives are heavily influenced by science fiction, fantasy, and sub pop culture -especially within fashion and music.

His artwork is published in a variety of media, including books, games, comics, and music. It continues to garner recognition and has been accepted into highly prestigious publications such as Spectrum and Prime.

He lives in Denver, CO, where he spends his time painting in pixels and oil from a quiet studio on capitol hill.


Lady Godiva Designs


Lost Marbles Leatherwork


Mad Tatter


The Mad Tatter creates lace designs incorporated into jewelry. I take the Victorian art of tatting and bring it back in the present for people to enjoy.

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Midnight Fox Leather


Nifty Nerdy Knits


Out in Colorado Writers


Out In Colorado Writers is a group of Colorado-based authors of GLBT fiction. Out in Colorado began when Marie looked around one day and realized there were nearly a dozen authors of gay romance living in her home state. The logical step was to corral them all into one place and take over the world help each other as best we could. We have since expanded to include lesbian authors, aspiring authors, and a blogger or two.

Visit Out In Colorado Writers’ Website

PropFunk & Foxy Funk Designs

2015-Vendor-PropFunk & Foxy Funk Designs-LogoSmall

Propfunk started in June 2013 and brings to life items from galaxies far away, brooding gothic cities, and mutant rated accessories. His work has been featured in Game Informer Online and he has done custom work for costumers across the globe.


We are just ordinary people living in an extraordinary world! A new world where a geek, a princess, a super hero and a time traveling alien can all live among each other with one common goal – to have a great time in style! =^.^=


Psychic Healers of Avalon

2015-Vendor-Readings By Andarta-Logo

Psychic Healers of Avalon is a new psychic business located in Broomfield, Colorado, and contains healers who perform tarot, rune, and other psychic readings, as well as Reiki sessions. Their candles, oils, and other metaphysical products are all handcrafted. There are many spiritual classes which are held at PHA, as well as various workshops. Psychic Healers of Avalon is located at 7050 W. 120th Ave. Suite 206, Broomfield, CO 80020, and you can find us on Facebook or email at andarta2@yahoo.com.



Redthreaded is a costume and fashion business specializing in historically inspired costumes, corsetry, and the occasional avant-garde. Redthreaded offers a line of ready to wear corsets in a variety of historical periods, as well as one of a kind statement pieces, custom costumes, accessories, and DIY corset patterns and corset kits. Our clients range from the individual costume enthusiast to Broadway and film.


Revive Gifts

2015-Vendor-Revive Gifts-Logo

Revive Gifts creates One of a Kind Steampunk Clothing, Art and Jewelry from Vintage and Upcycled Materials. Our unique items are hand crafted in Denver by our family of artists.

Visit Revive Gifts’ Etsy Page

Semper Fi Design


Semper Fi Design features handcrafted jewelry, specializing in unique glass bead woven and beadwork pieces. We also offer a large variety of fandom/sci-fi/fantasy themed designs, including Dr. Who, HP, Firefly, Marvel/DC universe, Supernatural, GoT, LotR, Star Wars, HTTYD, Jack S., Sherlock, Hunger Games, video gaming (LoZ, Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed, Witcher, Naruto, Final Fantasy, etc.), steampunk, Celtic/Norse, faery, dragon, stylized weapon pendants (swords, axes, bows/arrows), stone skulls, upcycled ammo casing jewelry, authentic and costume belly dance jewelry and much more. Semper Fi Design creates and carries an impressive selection of earrings/cuffs, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and rings made from high quality natural materials (metal, crystal/glass, semi-precious stone, shell, leather, bone). There truly is something for everyone, all offered at affordable prices.
Beth Graham, Semper Fi Design

Stray Wolf Studios

2015-Vendor-Stray Wolf Studios-Logo

A military brat raised by wolves, Heather is a freelance illustrator, wildlife artist, human GPS, and survivalist.

Skills included are auto mechanics, tactical weapons specialist, hunting, tracking, outdoor survival, A.D.D. (it’s a skill), sarcasm, and sometimes she paints pretty pictures.

“The hardest part about a Zombie Apocalypse will be pretending I am not excited.”

Heather has created artwork for clients as prestigious as Land Rover and garnered many awards in the Wildlife genre.  Her background in biology and animal sciences has contributed to her fantasy illustration career where she specializes in creature design.

Currently Heather is working alongside New York Times Best Selling author C.L. Wilson creating illustrations based on Cheryl’s book series.  Her deep understanding of animal anatomy and behavior brings to life the creatures and scenes in Cheryl Wilson’s vivid world of the Tairen Soul series.  Whether you are looking for cute and furry or fangs and drool, Heather will likely have a piece to suit your taste.

You will find Heather and Cheryl at Conventions across the country speaking on panels, teaching workshops, and promoting the books and illustrations that are their life’s blood.

Art Site: www.straywolfstudios.com
Tairen Soul Merchandise Site: www.tairenslair.com

The Astral Scribe

2016-Vendor-Abstral Scribe-logo_small



Two Old Bears Studio


Two Old Bears Studio provides their customers with the best in commercial and custom jewelry (chainmail, wirewrap and beading), geared towards fantasy.

Wings, Charms, and Things

2015-Vendor-Wings, Charms and Things-Logo-small

Wings, Charms, and Things better known as Wings CT is run by Yuki and 5th Child. We make and sell all sorts of wings that you can wear, geeky quilts and decorative items, and charms – all kinds of charms to make your own bracelets, necklaces, and more.

Like us on Facebook and check out our store at wingsct.com.

Winterhaven Jewelry


Witchcrafts Gifts & Collectibles