2015 Gallery

Check out some of the fun we had at the 2015 Myths and Legends Convention!

A view of our authors, performers, and guests at their tables:
2015 MALCon Fan Tables_website

Brian Ross of Draco and the Malfoys performing:2015 MALCon-Brian Ross of Draco and the Malfoys-Performing
2015-MALCon-Brian-Ross-of-Draco-and-the-Malfoys-Performing 2
2015-MALCon-Brian Ross in Panel

Pandora Celtica performing:
2015-MALCon-Pandora Celtica-Performance

The ever-popular Chainmalle 101 panel:
2015-MALCon-Chainmaille 101 Panel 1

Game of Thrones Cosplay!
2015-MALCon-Game of Thones Cosplay

Casual conversations:
2015-MALCon-Casual Conversations


Billy and Nikki relaxing after a long weekend:
2015-MALCon-Con Organizers Green Screen


Pictures taken by guest photographers:

2015 MALCon Attendees 1 (400x267) 2015 MALCon Wizard Wand (400x267) 2015 MALCon Volunteers 1 (400x267) 2015 MALCon Vendor Room 2 (400x267) 2015 MALCon Stant Litore 1 (400x267) 2015 MALCon Pandora Celtica 1 (400x267) 2015 MALCon Kilted Man (267x400) 2015 MALCon Guests of Honor 2 (400x267) 2015 MALCon Guests of Honor 1 (400x267) 2015 MALCon Gaming 1 (400x267) 2015 MALCon Faeries 1 (400x267) 2015 MALCon Faerie Garden (400x267) 2015 MALCon Craft 2 (267x400) 2015 MALCon Cosplay 1 (400x267)

2015 MALCon Brian Ross 2 (400x267)2015 MALCon Brian Ross 1 (400x267)2015 MALCon Authors 4 (400x267)2015 MALCon Authors 3 (400x267)2015 MALCon Authors 1 (400x267)2015 MALCon Attendees 8 (400x267)2015 MALCon Attendees 7 (400x267)2015 MALCon Attendees 5 (400x267)2015 MALCon Attendees 4 (400x267)2015 MALCon Attendees 3 (400x267)2015 MALCon Attendees 2 (400x267)2015 MALCon Chess 1 (400x267)


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