Safe Space Policy & Anti-Harassment Policy

The convention is a safe space for everyone on site, including but not limited to attendees, volunteers, and members of the public passing through. We gather together to support each other in our love of our fandoms and the expression of that, also known as geeking out.

Safe space means that our attendees are free express themselves and their interests without fear of being attacked for their love of their fandom. It is an inclusive space for all people regardless of gender, gender presentation, pronoun choice, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, age, or affiliation.

Safe space means that harassment will not be tolerated. Per Merriam-Webster, harassment is any activity or behavior that annoys persistently, bothers, creates an unpleasant or hostile situation or threatens another person or group of people. For example: unwanted or uninvited physical contact, unwelcome verbal conduct, following someone around (also known as stalking), or making threats against their person.

If you wish to not harass or threaten, here are some guidelines you can follow:

  • Before you touch (for example: hug, glomp, touch a cosplayer’s costume), ask permission. “May I give you a hug?” “May I touch that fabric?”
    • Also clarify if this is a one-time permission or if it extends longer (that day, that weekend, etc.).
  • Ask before you take anyone’s picture.
  • Accept no as a reasonable answer without follow-up questions.
    • Their reasons are not your business unless they choose to share them with you.
  • If you find someone’s outfit interesting, it is acceptable to tell them so, but do not expect further interaction after giving your compliment.
    • Appropriate compliments include “Nice craftsmanship”, “You captured the character really well”, “Thank you for representing my favorite character”
    • Inappropriate comments can include (depending on context) “You look sexy”, “Here’s my number”, “My cosplay is better than yours”. If you are unsure, ask a friend to help you phrase your compliment.
    • We recommend you avoid comparisons. (For example: “Your outfit is much better constructed compared to his”.) Let each person’s work stand for itself.
  • Absolutely inappropriate behavior includes groping, looking up skirts/kilts, positioning yourself to look down shirts/dresses, coercing someone to do or say anything, hate speech (using words that purposely offend or insult).

If you or another person are being harassed, please find a con staff member to report the situation, or email