Gaming - MALCon Denver | August 4-6, 2017


Games games games! Lots and lots of games!

We will once again have expanded gaming at the Myths and Legends Convention.


Open gaming throughout the weekend, hosted by our boardgaming staff. There will be games for the deep, hard-core gamer all the way to fun, silly games, as well as great introductory games for folks who are new to “Euro-style” gaming.

Play to Win Games

Each year we try to have a few games that can be won by playing them! Stay tuned for the 2017 games!


We are pleased to host RPGs all weekend long! Stay tuned for the 2017 lineup!



Q: I’ve never played an RPG. What are they and should I try one?
A: RPGs, or role playing games, are fun and interactive. Think of it as a choose your own adventure with a small group of other folks and you make the choices together as a group. The setting can very, from a dungeon crawl or fantasy setting (think Lord of the Rings) to space (Firefly) to futuristic (5th Element).

If you’ve never tried one before, definitely give it a try! You may find a whole new thing you never knew existed that is a lot of fun for you, and if it’s not for you, you only spent a few hours to find that out. When you sign up, look for the sessions that say “Beginners Welcome”.

Q: What’s a GM?
A: That’s the Game Master. They used to be called DMs, or Dungeon Masters, but so many games are set outside of dungeons, the term has migrated. The GM is the person in charge of running the adventure. They tell you what is happening and can answer questions about the game, both rules questions (do I have the range shoot the orc from where I’m standing) and character questions (I climb up the tree, what do I see).

Q: What do you mean, no extra charge?
A: Some conventions charge one fee for entrance and additional fees for unlimited gaming or piecemeal games. We are doing neither. The Myths and Legends Convention badge covers all the gaming, as well as entry into any other convention activities.