2015 Programming Schedule

The following is our schedule with panels listed in alphabetical order!

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Alternative Marketplace: Have You Paid Your Dues?
Friday, 5:00 PM5:50 PM, Serenity
Moderator: Chaz Kemp, Panel: Robert Hay, Sarah Menzel
Let’s face it, it’s a tough world for the artist and even tougher to break into the magazine and book cover markets. Let our Panel of professionals give you some hints about how to succeed in the art world.

Arthurian Cycle
Sunday, 12:00 PM1:00 PM, Red Keep
Ana MacDonell
Since the 15th century, the legend of Arthur has been told and re-interpreted time and again. How do modern perspectives look at the legend? Bring your coconuts!!

Author Readings
Friday, 10:00 PM10:50 PM, Room of Requirement
MALCon Authors
Come enjoy Lou Berger and other MALCon authors reading selections from their works.


Author Reading – Keith DeCandido
Saturday, 12:00 PM-12:50 PM, Helm’s Deep
Come listen to featured guest Keith DeCandido reading selections from his works.

Blanket Forts (adult session)
Friday, 10:00 PM11:50 PM, The Shire
Saturday, 10:00 PM11:50 PM, The Shire

Blankets, coloring books, crayons, and stuffed animals. Wind down the night, make a fort and relax. Adults and calm teens only please.

Blanket Forts (all ages)
Saturday, 12:00 PM12:50 PM, The Shire

Remember how much fun it was to make forts in the livingroom with couch cushions? Let’s do it again! This time we’ll be using blankets and tables to take us on our imagination journey to the ocean or stars – wherever we want to go!

Brian Ross of Draco and The Malfoys
Saturday, 11:00 AM11:50 AM, Gallifrey
Sunday, 3:00 PM3:50 PM, Gallifrey
Brian Ross
Join Brian Ross as he performs irreverent songs from Draco’s point of view such as “My Dad is Rich and Your Dad is Dead” and “Party Like You’re Evil”, and shares stories of life as a Wizard Rock artist.

Broomstick Pencil
Sunday, 9:00 AM9:50 AM, The Shire

Learn how to make your own pencil-sized broomstick in this hands-on session.

Browncoat Shindig
Saturday, 8:00 PM9:50 PM, Gallifrey

Music and friendship. Hang out with your fellow Browncoats, old friends and new. Enjoy the stylings of the Kilted Man while you drown your sorrows in some mudders milk and we’ll sing a rousing chorus to that esteemed hero of Canton.

Building the Perfect Plot
Sunday, 11:00 AM11:50 AM, Red Keep
Lou Berger, LJ Hachmeister, Catherine Winters
Have you ever wanted to write a great story with a killer plot? Come join a panel of authors and learn how they compose a plot. We’ll discuss the Hero’s Journey and other tropes, and teach you the necessary parts for a great story!

Chainmaille 101: Costume Armor and Jewelry
Friday, 9:00 PM10:00 PM, The Shire
Saturday, 1:00 PM2:00 PM, The Shire
Billy Van Ark
This hands-on class will walk you through the basics of making chainmaille (a.k.a. maille). We’ll cover the tools of the trade (pliers, rings, and patterns), and learn how to make a simple piece of maille that you’ll take home with you!

Characters Are Who, Not What
Sunday, 11:00 AM11:50 AM, The Shire
A.M. Burns, Caitlin Ricci, Nicole Godfrey, Jess Roth
Our panel of writers will discuss creating multidimensional characters who are more than just LGBT, but fully realized individuals. How to go beyond a basic archetype to create characters that your readers will cry with, cheer for and love.

Chewy. We’re Home
Friday, 5:00 PM5:50 PM, Red Keep
LJ Hachmeister, Sam Knight
Can sequels/remakes ever be as good as the original? From Avengers to Star Trek to Star Wars we’ve been let down over and over again. What does it take to supersede the original?

Closing Ceremonies
Sunday, 4:00 PM4:30 PM, Gallifrey
Nikki Ebright
Come recap the weekend, relive the highlights, and say goodbye* for another year. (*Except that we’ll see each other on Facebook and Twitter…)

Combat in Science Fiction & Fantasy
Saturday, 9:00 PM9:50 PM, Helm’s Deep
Mario Acevedo, LJ Hachmeister, Jeanne Stein, Eneasz Brodski, Damon Smithwick
The good, the bad, and the ugly; scenes of combat and action in Science Fiction and Fantasy. What are the differences between games, movies, and literature? What is the morality and emotional impact of violence upon the characters and the audience?

Commission Work
Sunday, 1:00 PM1:50 PM, Serenity
Moderator: Chaz Kemp, Panel: Peri Charlifu, Becca Sakamoto, Sarah Menzel
Why is it so hard to design for someone else’s vision? Why have some of us given up on commission work all together?

Composition, the Elements, and Principals of Design
Friday, 6:00 PM7:50 PM, The Shire
Sarah Menzel
In this workshop we will take a crash course in the elements and principles of design, to help make your art better and more interesting.

Costume Contest
Saturday, 4:00 PM5:50 PM, Gallifrey
Judges: Keith DeCandido, Erin Card

Creating a Writing System
Saturday, 7:00 PM7:50 PM, Red Keep
Lou Berger, Eneasz Brodski, Tonya De Marco
Very few authors have the luxury of strictly writing. Those starting out will definitely need supplemental income. Discover ways to establish a writing life that works for your lifestyle.

Creating Multi-Cultural Steampunk Characters
Saturday, 3:00 PM3:50 PM, Red Keep
Quincy J Allen, Carolyn Fritz, Aaron Michael Ritchey
Brainstorm a steampunk character that steps outside the normal upper-class British box. Audience participation is welcomed.

Creativity and Mental Health
Sunday, 1:00 PM1:50 PM, Red Keep
Jan Scott-Frazier
How do you design characters with psychological issues? How does mental health affect creativity? How can you work most effectively with it?

Critique Groups: Care and Feeding Without Getting Your Hand Bitten
Sunday, 2:00 PM3:00 PM, Red Keep
Lou Berger, LJ Hachmeister, Kevin Ikenberry
Many (most?) established authors will recommend “the right” critique group for aspiring writers. What are some of the things to look for and pitfalls to avoid? Be wary and be wise by knowing how to get yourself into the right company.

Crossplay & Genderbending: The Art of Cross-Gender Costuming
Friday, 8:00 PM8:50 PM, The Shire
Erin Card
How do you approach a cosplay when the character you love is a different gender or sex? Come join our discussion on reasons and techniques for manipulating your own body, or the character’s look to fit yours.

Describing Sex in YA Literature: Where is the Line?
Saturday, 6:00 PM6:50 PM, Serenity
Julie Campbell, TL Morganfield, Jeanne Stein
Sexuality is an important part of being an adolescent. YA stories are filled with love, sexual tension and even sex at time. How should an author approach sex in their stories?

Diversity in Fandom
Saturday, 4:00 PM4:50 PM, Red Keep
Julie Campbell, Chaz Kemp, Stant Litore, Vivian Trask
Diversity is a buzzword, but what does it mean practically? How do shows like Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Firefly work toward greater representation?

Dread Horror Diceless RPG
Saturday, 11:00 PM11:50 PM, Red Keep
Troy Fluhr
Looking for some diceless horror RPG action to finish off your night? Come join in a game of Dread, a horror RPG that uses Jenga towers instead of dice. Everyone will die; will you be the last one?

Dumbledore’s Past and Harry’s Future: Spin-Offs
Saturday, 9:00 AM9:50 AM, Serenity
Jessica Brawner, Keith DeCandido, Kevin Ikenberry
What’s next for J.K. Rowling? Is there room in serialized media for one or more series set in Rowling’s world? What do fans want to see? Where does the world go after Voldemort?

Epic Rap Battles of Literature
Friday, 11:00 PM11:50 PM, Room of Requirement
Jason Evans, Thomas A Fowler
Enjoy a head to head rap battle where the topics are Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and more.

Establish a Brand: For creative individuals
Friday, 6:00 PM6:50 PM, Serenity
Julie Campbell, Thomas A Fowler, Jeanne Stein, Tonya De Marco
Creating a brand can be one of the most difficult, yet crucial, steps. What marketing steps do you have to take to truly establish a brand?

Ethics & Art
Saturday, 4:00 PM4:50 PM, Room of Requirement
Moderator: Peri Charlifu, Panel: Becca Sakamoto, Sarah Menzel
How do ethics affect the artist? Talk about different ideas and situation, including pricing, copyright, stealing ideas, borrowing themes, payment, taxes and how we treat each other!

Ethics of Watching Disaster
Sunday, 10:00 AM10:50 AM, Helm’s Deep
Amalie Howard, Kevin Ikenberry, Kathryn Renta, Jeanne Stein
We take such pleasure in watching the world fall apart. What are some good examples of dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction? Why do we love them? Does our delight in a world ravaged reflect something questionable about us as well?

Faerie Treasure Bag – Collection Prizes
Sunday, 1:00 PM1:50 PM, The Shire
Tomas O’Dreams and Friends
Time to find out which treasures the Faeries treasure the most! Bring your Faerie Treasures and win prizes!

Fanfiction & Media Tie-Ins
Saturday, 9:00 PM9:50 PM, Red Keep
David Boop, Mike Cervantes, Keith DeCandido, Josh Vogt
From fanfiction to Heroes: how do you write in someone else’s universe? What are the tips and tricks for doing it successfully? What are the pitfalls? How do you get published in this environment?

Fantasy Map Creation
Sunday, 10:00 AM10:50 AM, Gallifrey
Chaz Kemp, Jason Kent, Stant Litore
An author and a panelist will work together to discuss creating fantasy maps from inception and planning to final creation.

Favorite Heroes in Harry Potter
Friday, 10:00 PM10:50 PM, Red Keep
TL Morganfield, Catherine Winters, Jeanne Stein
Who was your favorite Harry Potter hero and why? This will probably also turn into who was your favorite HP villain.

Fighting the Day Job
Saturday, 8:00 PM8:50 PM, Helm’s Deep
David Boop, Carolyn Fritz, Chaz Kemp, Kathryn Renta, Mario Acevedo
How do writers and artists do it? The running joke about being starving artists isn’t a joke. It takes years or even decades to be able to quit your day job. How do you manage working to pay the bills while creating your art?

Saturday, 8:00 PM9:50 PM, The Shire

Folk music, often with a sci fi or fantasy theme, played casually in a round-robin style. Bring an instrument if you have one, your voice as well, and a good sense of humor doesn’t hurt.

Fireside Chat with Stant Litore
Friday, 10:00 PM11:50 PM, Knitting Circle
Saturday, 10:00 PM11:50 PM, Knitting Circle
Stant Litore
Stant Litore will stun you with a dramatic reading of scenes from The Zombie Bible, the Ansible stories, Dante’s Heart, and The Running of the Tyrannosaurs. You may leave shaken, You may have amazing dreams after. Join us for a fireside reading, book signing, and Q&A.

From Klingon to Close Encounters
Sunday, 10:00 AM10:50 AM, Red Keep
Dr. Karen Stollznow
Theories about alien languages with Dr. Karen Stollznow.

Future of Fan Art and Artists in Modern Times
Friday, 6:00 PM6:50 PM, Room of Requirement
Moderator: Peri Charlifu, Panel: Chaz Kemp, Jim Humble
Is art dead? Did Hobby Lobby Kill the modern artist? With the advent of the computer, can everyone be an artist and what does that do to us?

G.R.R. Martin Outside Game of Thrones
Saturday, 3:00 PM3:50 PM, Serenity
Jason Evans, Thomas A Fowler
Has Martin done anything outside of Game of Thrones? What is it and how does it compare?

Game Design
Saturday, 12:00 PM12:50 PM, Serenity
David Boop, Paul Lell, Damon Smithwick
More and more people are doing Kickstarters to fund the next brilliant game idea. Discuss game and module design, game mechanics, GMing, and media tie-in writing.

Game of Thrones House Feud
Saturday, 6:00 PM6:50 PM, Helm’s Deep
Ana MacDonell, Eddie Cross, Pam Walker
A GOT twist on the old tv show Family Feud. Bring your House team, and be ready to battle to death for the Iron Throne. Valar Morghulis!!!

Game of Thrones Prophecies
Sunday, 3:00 PM4:00 PM, Serenity
Jason Evans, Paul Lell
From Maggy the Frog to Azor Ahai, learn about GRRM’s hidden meanings, and twisted plots. Uncover the secrets scattered over the 5 books. Discover the story lines missing from the show. SPOILER ALERT

Game of Thrones Theories
Friday, 10:00 PM10:50 PM, Helm’s Deep
Ian Brazee-Cannon, Thomas A Fowler, Carolyn Fritz
A general, audience-involved discussion by GoT lovers for GoT lovers to gossip about where the books and the series are heading. SPOILER ALERT

Game of Thrones: Stick to the Source or Leave Everyone Guessing?
Saturday, 12:00 PM12:50 PM, Red Keep
Ian Brazee-Cannon, Jason Evans, TL Morganfield
With The Walking Dead diverting away from its source material, will GoT do the same? Do divergent plots pose a problem? SPOILER ALERT

Game of Thrones: The Band Wagon
Saturday, 2:00 PM2:50 PM, Serenity
David Boop, Eneasz Brodski, Jason Evans, Chaz Kemp
What is the GRRM bandwagon all About? Why are so many people jumping onto it?

Gender Challenges and Tropes
Saturday, 11:00 AM11:50 AM, Red Keep
Mike Cervantes, LJ Hachmeister, Vivian Trask
People of all genders have always enjoyed fandom, but books, movies, and video games have not always been representative. What have we learned and what can we improve on?

Gentle Suggestion: A Thoughtful Art Critique
Saturday, 1:00 PM1:50 PM, Creative Corner
Moderator: Peri Charlifu
Come in for a rare opportunity to have your work critiqued in a safe and encouraging environment. No charge, but space is limited. Afterward artists are encouraged to hang around the art show and shmooze!

Ghoul Ball
Friday, 11:00 PM11:50 PM, Gallifrey

The Monster Mash and things that go bump in the night get down to some funky beats.

God Made the Devil Too
Saturday, 2:00 PM2:50 PM, Helm’s Deep
Quincy J Allen, Lou Berger, Jason Kent, Paul Lell
What would Star Wars be without Darth Vader, Superman without Lex Luthor? What would Who be without its cast of baddies? A good villain is vital to an interesting conflict. The more evil and nefarious, the better!

Grimm After Dark
Saturday, 7:00 PM7:50 PM, The Shire
Tomas O’Dreams
Liam Bootzin and Yvonne Larson present the darker side of fairytales. The early works of the Brothers Grimm often illustrate the harshness of life and how not all the endings are happy. Pg-13 Parental Guidance Suggested.

Harry Potter Murder Mystery
Saturday, 6:00 PM8:00 PM, Room of Requirement
Troy Fluhr
The Goblet of Fire is being awakened, but someone wants to manage the competition. Be a part this story set in the world of Harry Potter and see if you can unravel the answers before it’s too late.

Heroes and Monsters: What separates the two?
Friday, 7:00 PM7:50 PM, Helm’s Deep
Jason Kent, Peter J Wacks, TL Morganfield
In modern and ancient times, there are figures who straddle the line between monstrous and heroic. We’ll discuss what separates the two, whether it is something characters are born to or if they have a choice, and whether heroes can transcend their own monstrousness to become great.

Heroes Reboot
Saturday, 6:00 PM6:50 PM, Gallifrey
Keith DeCandido, Peter Wacks
HEROES is coming back with a new 13-episode miniseries called HEROES REBORN. Can the show regain the magic of the great first season? Plus, an exclusive look at the HEROES REBORN tie-in novellas by two of the authors.

Historical Influences on Game of Thrones
Friday, 6:00 PM6:50 PM, Helm’s Deep
Lou Berger, Jason Evans, Jason Kent
GRRM has acknowledged a relationship between GOT/ASOIAF and the War of the Roses as well as Hadrian’s Wall, but what about Henry Tudor or the Earl of Richmond? Who is Martin’s Queen Elizabeth I? Can we deduce how the books are going to end from European history? SPOILER ALERT

Hobbit Wake with Pandora Celtica
Saturday, 12:00 PM1:00 PM, Gallifrey
Pandora Celtica, Kilted Man
One of our dear MALCon Hobbits took the boat to Valinor earlier this year. He loved MALCon and in his memory we join together in song, laughter, food, and games.

How can I make as much as Theresa or Peri
Saturday, 2:00 PM3:50 PM, Creative Corner
Peri Charlifu
Learn the secrets of how to make your sales more productive and how to survive the treacherous waters of the convention art show circuit!

How Much is that Dragon in the Window
Friday, 7:00 PM7:50 PM, Creative Corner
Moderator: Peri Charlifu, Panel: Becca Sakamoto
How do you come up with a price for your work? Pricing strategies, marketing tools and tricks, as well as secrets from artists you love.

How Not to Get Published
Saturday, 10:00 PM10:50 PM, Serenity
Guy Anthony De Marco, Sam Knight, Tonya De Marco
What are the pitfalls involved in the pursuit of a writing career? What are some of the gotchas and consequences? Authors talk about their experiences and, in some cases, how they’ve shot themselves in the foot.

How to Kill Your Best Friends and Get Away With It
Saturday, 4:00 PM4:50 PM, Helm’s Deep
Quincy J Allen, Lou Berger, Josh Vogt
GRRM isn’t the first to kill beloved characters, but arguably he made it fashionable. When is it appropriate to drop a piano on protagonists and their sidekicks? How can you do it so it draws your fans in instead of pushing them away?

How to Mail Art to Conventions
Sunday, 11:00 AM11:50 AM, Creative Corner
Peri Charlifu
Ever wonder how to send work to conventions? Is it worth doing? Can you make money at it? How to ship art to cons, including what cons to try, how to do the paperwork, organizing, and planning, planning, planning!

How to Write Circular Gallifreyan
Sunday, 3:00 PM3:50 PM, The Shire
Billy Van Ark
Come learn how to write like a Time Lord using the fan-created Circular Gallifreyan.

Humor in the Modern Action Story
Saturday, 5:00 PM5:50 PM, Helm’s Deep
Mario Acevedo, Sam Knight, Robert Spiller
From Jackie Chan and Axel Foley to the hard-hitting and explosive antics of anime, why do so many writers (and directors) mash up wise-acres and violence?

Hungry Hippos/Balloons
Sunday, 2:00 PM2:50 PM, The Shire
Luna Shore
Hungry hippos try to eat balloons! It’s a live version of the popular table game.

Is Digital art cheating?:
Saturday, 1:00 PM1:50 PM, Red Keep
Moderator: Jim Humble, Panel: Sarah Menzel, Chaz Kemp
The trend in art seems to be moving to the digital medium. Is push-button art cheating, or is there more to it ? Can a monkey do digital art, or does it still take skill, knowledge and creativity?

Is Firefly Dead?
Friday, 8:00 PM8:50 PM, Helm’s Deep
Carolyn Fritz, Amalie Howard
It doesn’t look like the old crew of Serenity is coming back. Does that mean Firefly can’t? Is the universe rich enough for new stories set in the ‘verse with a new crew? Could a spin-off be successful with something unrelated to Serenity and her crew?

Is It True You Always Have Story Ideas?
Friday, 10:00 PM10:50 PM, Serenity
Guy Anthony De Marco, Sam Knight, Robert Spiller
Panelists quickly come up with story based on audience suggestions.

Is Superhero Cinema Oversaturated?
Friday, 7:00 PM7:50 PM, Red Keep
Ian Brazee-Cannon, Amalie Howard, Paul Lell
Seven super hero movies are coming out in 2016. Is the market oversaturated? If many of these movies fail, will it mean the end of superhero films?

Jan Scott-Frazier Live
Saturday, 10:00 PM11:50 PM, Gallifrey
Jan Scott-Frazier
A high energy experiential autobiographical (sometimes interactive) talk about Jan’s experiences living and working abroad and around the USA. Never rehearsed or scripted, the experience is unique each time. 18+ suggested

Karaoke Roulette
Friday, 11:00 PM11:50 PM, Serenity
Copper Penny
The machine has a mind of its own! Come and see what song pops up and jump in!

Kilted Man
Friday, 5:00 PM5:50 PM, Room of Requirement
Friday, 8:00 PM8:50 PM, Red Keep
Friday, 11:00 PM11:50 PM, Helm’s Deep
Saturday, 10:00 AM10:50 AM, Serenity
Saturday, 11:00 PM11:50 PM, Serenity
Sunday, 12:00 PM12:50 PM, The Shire
Kilted Man
Fall into traditional Celtic tales as The Kilted Man performs traditional Irish and Scottish music with a heavy dash of wit, finesse and a bit of charm.

Late Night Artist Chat: Audience Questions
Saturday, 7:00 PM8:50 PM, Knitting Circle
Peri Charlifu
Questions will be placed in a hat at the beginning of the chat. The moderator will chose at random from the hat for our celebrity panel to speak about. Think of some juicy questions, really make us squirm!

Learn to Love Your Writing
Saturday, 1:00 PM1:50 PM, Serenity
Lou Berger, Mike Cervantes, Robert Spiller
Stop worrying and love your writing: a motivational panel. Stop hesitating because you feel you work isn’t “good enough.”

Lego Build Judging
Sunday, 12:30 PM1:00 PM, Room of Requirement
Willm Ryan
How did they do? Come see the results of the 2 hour Fast Lego Building Challenge.

Lego Building Contest
Sunday, 11:00 AM12:30 PM, Room of Requirement
Willm Ryan
Three hours of building block fun! Sort through a hundred pounds of brick-types to find that which fires your fandom. Come build your very best Hobbit Hole, Chamber of Secrets, K-9, salt circle, or plastic rocket. Open to kids of almost all ages (we want to be careful with the little ones, as most bricks double as bite-sized morsels). Contest and prizes!

Life Drawing with Kathryn Renta
Saturday, 1:00 PM2:50 PM, Room of Requirement
Kathryn Renta
Live model drawing doesn’t have to be boring! Come hone your skills in a session of timed poses with music and costuming.

Lord of the Rings Passages
Saturday, 5:00 PM5:50 PM, Knitting Circle
Led by Andrew Hallam
Anyone is welcome to share their favorite passages from Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit.

Lord of the Rings: Cinematic Future
Sunday, 12:00 PM1:00 PM, Serenity
Keith DeCandido, Paul Lell, Thomas A Fowler, Aaron Michael Ritchey
Do they dare adapt The Silmarillion into a movie? If so, what role, if any, should Peter Jackson play in it?

Lord of the Rings: Myth or Mythopoetic?
Saturday, 4:00 PM4:50 PM, The Shire
Andrew Hallam
Tolkein’s works are often referred to as myth building, but are actually mythopoetic. Join Andrew Hallam and Stant Litore as they explain why.

Mad Hatter Tea and Tea Dueling
Saturday, 1:00 PM1:50 PM, Gallifrey
Tiffin Master Dame Ursula Whiffenpott
We keep the wake going with a Mad Hatter Tea, complete with games of The Great Dalmuti. Onstage, hoist your busicuits and prepare to duel in the spirited Sudden Death Tea Duelling Tournament. Sponsored by Dryad Tea.

Magical Abilities within Fantasy Literature–Fact or Fiction? A Roundtable Discussion
Saturday, 10:00 AM10:50 AM, Creative Corner
Join Andarta for an informal discussion concerning various fantasy fiction, and the reality of the magical abilities presented, such as crystal ball readings and magical wands.

Make a Wizard Wand
Friday, 5:00 PM5:50 PM, The Shire

Make your own wizard wand! (Magic not included.)

Making Heroines Even better
Saturday, 9:00 AM9:50 AM, Helm’s Deep
Quincy J Allen, LJ Hachmeister, Catherine Winters, Raine Giorgio
Jupiter Rising and Mad Max: Fury Road: how they could have been done better.

Marketing for Beginners
Saturday, 8:00 PM8:50 PM, Red Keep
Jessica Brawner, Josh Vogt, Peter J Wacks
Writing isn’t the only skill a writer needs in this day and age. We need to understand business, presentation, and sales. Once you’ve created that book and it’s ready to sell, how do you get the word out?

Meditation with Jan Scott-Frazier
Saturday, 9:00 AM9:50 AM, Gallifrey
Sunday, 9:00 AM10:00 AM, Gallifrey

Qualm your inner Dementors, take off your ring, and pour some mental salt around your mind. Start your morning off with a gentle meditation led by the awesome Jan Scott-Frazier. Everyone welcome.

My Most Horrific Moment!
Saturday, 6:00 PM6:50 PM, Creative Corner
Moderator: Peri Charlifu
So, you think being an artist is all wine and cheese parties? Let us share our experiences with you. Be warned, after hearing this you may want to change career paths!

Saturday, 7:00 PM7:50 PM, Helm’s Deep
Jessica Brawner, Julie Campbell, Guy Anthony De Marco
Have you done it? Do you want to? Our panelists will discuss writing for NaNoWriMo, how and why to participate, and how to succeed.

NERO: Tavern Night (LARP Event)
Saturday, 8:00 PM11:59 PM, Room of Requirement
NERO Larpers
Enjoy a midieval tavern setting sponsored by the local NERO Larp players.

New Authors Anonymous
Saturday, 4:00 PM4:50 PM, Serenity
Mike Cervantes, Jason Evans, Carolyn Fritz
Talk about what it’s like as a newbie in this crazy publishing world.

Non-Traditional Materials for Creating Art
Sunday, 9:00 AM9:50 AM, Room of Requirement
Moderator: Becca Sakamoto, Panel: Robert Hay, Jim Humble, Peri Charlifu
In this panel we will talk about non-traditional materials used to create art. Do you use plumbers epoxy? Concrete, dish soap? Toilet paper? Come out and share your favorite material/technique.

Opening Ceremonies
Friday, 6:30 PM6:50 PM, Gallifrey
Nikki Ebright
Organizer Nikki Ebright welcomes everyone and introduces this year’s Guests of Honor

Organizing the Studio
Friday, 5:00 PM5:50 PM, Creative Corner
Moderator: Peri Charlifu
A clean studio is a productive studio; sounds logical but few artists can keep a clean, organized workspace. Explore some effective, low cost alternatives, multi-tasking your work area and storage options. Get organized and start to make your work area work for you!

Our Fascination with Monsters
Saturday, 11:00 AM11:50 AM, Serenity
Mario Acevedo, Guy Anthony De Marco, Amalie Howard, Jeanne Stein
Why do monsters intrigue us so much? Why has the world fallen in love with Godzilla, and where does our fascination with vampires and werewolves and the undead come from?

Our New Who: Love Him or Hate Him?
Saturday, 10:00 PM10:50 PM, Red Keep
Quincy J Allen, Mike Cervantes, Peter J Wacks
The new Who is not like his predecessors. Did his caustic manner (oh-so “House-ish”) lose watchers? Was there a method to the madness when they wrote the character?

Pandora Celtica
Saturday, 6:00 PM6:50 PM, Red Keep
Sunday, 11:00 AM11:50 AM, Gallifrey
Pandora Celtica
Let top Denver band Pandora Celtica transport you to stormy seas and places of dreams and myth as they perform their dark faerie Celtic songs acappella style

Paranormal Investigations Gone Horribly Wrong
Sunday, 12:00 PM1:00 PM, Gallifrey
Bryan and Baxter
Bryan and Baxter share the facts behind some of the most famous paranormal claims out there.

Pitching to the Editor
Friday, 9:00 PM9:50 PM, Serenity
Julie Campbell, Vivian Trask, Peter J Wacks
Want to pitch your next great novel in a flash? Learn how from the pros.

Sunday, 11:00 AM11:50 AM, Helm’s Deep
Eneasz Brodski, Thomas A Fowler, Josh Vogt
Listen to pros who work with podcasts to learn how they’re done, why they’re used, and how to get the most out of them.

Pony Tail Making
Saturday, 2:00 PM2:50 PM, The Shire
Luna Shore
Come to this no-sew project panel to make your own pony tail out of yarn. All ages.

Preparing a portfolio for the beginning artist
Saturday, 9:00 AM10:50 AM, Room of Requirement
Peri Charlifu
You don’t have to spend a fortune to make a professional looking portfolio! What to include plus tricks and ideas from artists who have been there.

Presenting your work!
Sunday, 2:00 PM2:50 PM, Room of Requirement
Peri Charlifu
Learn how to take a finished piece and get it ready for presentation. Learn how to mount, mat and frame your work. Learn how to present 3D art as well.

Q & A With a Real Editor
Sunday, 2:00 PM3:00 PM, Serenity
Vivian Trask
We promise she won’t bite…. This is your chance to ask a real live editor what editors are looking for and how best to work with them.

Q & A with Keith DeCandido
Saturday, 2:00 PM2:50 PM, Gallifrey
Keith DeCandido, Vivian Trask
Special Guest Keith DeCandido gets interviewed by Editor Guest of Honor Vivian Trask. Come enjoy this lively and entertaining question and answer session.

QUILTBAG Characters and Situations
Saturday, 1:00 PM1:50 PM, Helm’s Deep
Jan Scott-Frazier, Caitlin Ricci, A.M. Burns
How to write characters with diverse genders and sexualities (QUILTBAG/LGBTQetc) that readers and viewers can connect with.

Religion in SF/F Outside the Western World
Saturday, 3:00 PM3:50 PM, Helm’s Deep
Eneasz Brodski, Stant Litore, TL Morganfield, Catherine Winters, Amalie Howard
What if the galaxy was explored by Islamic researchers? What if the next epic fantasy you read is set in Aztec Mexico? Speculative fiction is our chance to explore the cosmos through very different eyes than our own — and not just extraterrestrial or elven ones!

Responsibility of the Artist
Friday, 6:00 PM6:50 PM, Creative Corner
Moderator: Robert Hay
Do artists have any responsibility to our culture and society? As fan/speculative artists are we fulfilling that responsibility or are we just self indulgent Bohemians.

Rewriting History with the Living Dead
Sunday, 11:00 AM11:50 AM, Serenity
Jason Evans, Stant Litore, TL Morganfield
Stant Litore retells history as though the zombie plague has been a recurring phenomenon throughout the centuries. Joined by alternate history gurus TL Morganfield and Jason Evans, Litore will lead you through an interactive imaginative exercise based on that premise!

Rockets and Satellites
Sunday, 1:00 PM1:50 PM, Helm’s Deep
Jason Kent
Jason Kent will talk tying his work with the rocket and satellite industry as it applies to his writing.

Sculpting with Jim Humble
Saturday, 9:00 AM10:50 AM, The Shire
Jim Humble
Led by a the 3D artists with air-dry clay and simple tools to lead the group in making a creation.

Self Defense Against the Dark Arts
Sunday, 2:00 PM3:00 PM, Gallifrey
Dan Peak
Come learn a few self defense moves to keep in your back pocket in case you’re approached by unsavory types such as dementors, werewolves, or ministry officials.

Sex & Violence Portrayal in Game of Thrones
Sunday, 9:00 AM9:50 AM, Serenity
Jason Evans, Thomas A Fowler, Aaron Michael Ritchey, Raine Giorgio
The show is increasingly criticized for the way it shows sex and violence. Where is the line? Has it been crossed? Do the books and show need to change course in the final installments and seasons?

Sherlock: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle vs BBC
Saturday, 10:00 AM10:50 AM, Room of Requirement
Michelle Reeves, Ana MacDonell
Have you wondered how true the BBC series Sherlock is to the original Conan Doyle stories? How different and accurate the is show to the Victorian Detective?

So Charming, Not Creepy
Friday, 9:00 PM9:50 PM, Red Keep
Jessica Brawner, Josh Vogt
Learn how to make your convention experience better by learning how to approach people without being a creep. A lesson on etiquette, common sense and enjoying fandom with respect.

Steampunk in Fiction: Is London Dead?
Saturday, 9:00 PM9:50 PM, Serenity
Quincy J Allen, Jessica Brawner, Guy Anthony De Marco, Tonya De Marco
The sun didn’t set on the British Empire during Victoria’s time and there are growing examples of steampunk in other countries. Have we worn out foggy London as a place where gears and corsets reign?

Story in an Hour
Friday, 5:00 PM5:50 PM, Helm’s Deep
Vivian Trask
Editor Guest of Honor Vivian Trask and the audience will collaborate in a one-hour fun adventure, outlining a new story together.

Storytelling with Tomas O’Dreams
Saturday, 11:00 AM11:50 AM, The Shire
Sunday, 10:00 AM10:50 AM, Room of Requirement
Tomas O’Dreams and Friends
Tomas O’Dreams and his faerie friends brought stories from near and far to the Faerie Court. Now let them treat you! Be sure to catch this leprechaun and his faerie companions for myths, magic, and merriment for all ages!

Subject Matter; Does It Matter?
Saturday, 4:00 PM4:50 PM, Creative Corner
Robert Hay, Sarah Menzel
Does subject matter make a piece of art interesting and marketable? Does the image matter if the piece is executed well?

Supernatural Myths and Legends Gone Local
Saturday, 3:00 PM3:50 PM, Gallifrey
Bryan and Baxter
Examine some of the local places that parallel the legends from Supernatural. Discuss the witches of Riverdale Road, the Lafayette Vampire, the cemetery at Cheesman Park, and various portals to hell and purgatory in CO.

Sympathetic Villains: The New Master & Doctor Horrible
Saturday, 2:00 PM2:50 PM, Red Keep
Jessica Brawner, Carolyn Fritz, Guy Anthony De Marco, Aaron Michael Ritchey
The old Master was patently evil, a nasty curmudgeon with nefarious design while the new Masters were made into sympathetic villains of galactic proportions. We root for Doctor Horrible over the good guy Captain Hammer. How does this change our view of villains?

Teach an Old Artist a New Trick: What’s New?
Saturday, 3:00 PM3:50 PM, Room of Requirement
Moderator: Chaz Kemp, Panel: Robert Hay, Sarah Menzel, Jim Humble
This may be the only time all of us are in the same place at the same time. Let’s compare what new and exciting art medium/process/technology/thingy we are using and perhaps learn some new tricks.

The Hobbit: 1, 2 and 3 Feature Films?
Saturday, 8:00 PM8:50 PM, Serenity
Quincy J Allen, Ian Brazee-Cannon, Catherine Winters
There’s been plenty of hubbub about The Hobbit not deserving 3 films. Now that the project is finished, where did the new trilogy succeed and fail?

The Muse, The Artist, and Everything
Saturday, 11:00 AM11:50 AM, Creative Corner
Chaz Kemp, Robert Hay
Where does “The scream” come from, What is the source of “Starry Night” And what’s up with “Nude Descending a Staircase”? How do we translate the idea into art?

The Silmarillion?
Saturday, 7:00 PM7:50 PM, Serenity
Mike Cervantes, Thomas A Fowler, Andrew Hallam
There’s only one major Tolkein work left. Could we see someone turn The Silmarillion into a made-for-TV blockbuster? Should we?

Time for a Female Who
Saturday, 9:00 AM9:50 AM, Red Keep
Aaron Michael Ritchey, Josh Vogt
The Mistress / Master is a living legend already. When will we see our favorite Timelord as a female? Who will play Who and what will the impact be to Whovians (and the media) across the world?

To Self Pub or Not: Is It Really Easy?
Saturday, 5:00 PM5:50 PM, Serenity
Paul Lell, TL Morganfield, Aaron Michael Ritchey
What does it take to transform your beloved manuscript from standard manuscript format to print and eBooks formats and get it out there for purchase?

Tolkien’s Influence on Art and Imagination
Saturday, 6:00 PM6:50 PM, The Shire
Andrew Hallam
How and why has Tolkien become an inspiration for artists and fans alike? Audience participation encouraged.

Trials and Triumphs of Short Fiction
Sunday, 9:00 AM9:50 AM, Helm’s Deep
David Boop, Julie Campbell, Tonya De Marco
Discuss what it’s like to work the short fiction market, from getting into Gratis Anthologies all the way up to Pro sales. How do you climb that ladder, and what’s the fastest route into the big leagues?

Trope If You Want To
Sunday, 3:00 PM4:00 PM, Red Keep
Vivian Trask, Mike Cervantes, Jason Kent, Josh Vogt
You know that story you want to write about pirates? How about that one about aliens? Superheroes? Wizards? Secret agents? Just because a genre has already been beaten to death doesn’t mean you can’t bring something unique to it.

Twin Peaks
Saturday, 11:00 PM11:50 PM, Helm’s Deep
Aaron Michael Ritchey, Alex Wilder
After over twenty-five years in the Black Lodge, Season 3 of Twin Peaks is in production. Enjoy this lively discussion of this surreal masterpiece, its cultural significance and reasons for its enduring appeal.

Unsung Heroines of Fandom
Saturday, 5:00 PM5:50 PM, Red Keep
Kathryn Renta, Jeanne Stein, Tonya De Marco, Raine Giorgio
With Professor McGonagall as a starting point, who are some of the great unsung heroines and villainesses of fandom?

VIP Meet and Greet
Friday, 7:00 PM7:50 PM, Gallifrey
Keith DeCandido, Brian Ross, Vivian Trask, Stant Litore, Pandora Celtica, Kilted Man
Meet our Guests of Honor in a speed-dating kind of style. Fun for everyone!

We Suffer for Your Art
Saturday, 5:00 PM5:50 PM, The Shire
Moderator: Chaz Kemp, Panel: Carolyn Fritz, Lee Moody
Significant others of artists, come share your stories about living with an artist and tell us how you cope!

What is Our Fascination With the Undead?
Friday, 8:00 PM8:50 PM, Serenity
Mario Acevedo, Ian Brazee-Cannon, Kevin Ikenberry, Stant Litore
From Zombies to vampires and everything in between, why does our society love these tropes? What do they say about our modern society and our values?

What is Westercon and Why Do We Care
Sunday, 12:00 PM12:50 PM, Helm’s Deep
Lou Berger, Nikki Ebright, Billy Van Ark, David Boop
There’s a local team campaigning to have Westercon hosted in Denver in 2018. What is Westercon and why is it important to bring it to Denver?

What is Wizard Rock?
Saturday, 3:00 PM3:50 PM, The Shire
Brian Ross
The music genre Wizard Rock excited a lot of Harry Potter fans and created new careers for various musicians. What is it and why did it appeal to so many?

What to Do With That First Manuscript
Sunday, 2:00 PM3:00 PM, Helm’s Deep
Ian Brazee-Cannon, Amalie Howard, Robert Spiller, Jeanne Stein
Once written, what should I do with my book?

What Was the Golden Age of Fantasy?
Saturday, 10:00 PM10:50 PM, Helm’s Deep
Van Aaron Hughes, Kevin Ikenberry
How far back does this Golden Age go and how do we even define it? How does the looking glass of time inspire modern fantasy?

When They Tell You You’re Too Old or Too Young
Sunday, 9:00 AM9:50 AM, Red Keep
Jessica Brawner, Sam Knight
There is YA literature that many consider to have topics beyond a YA audience (Hunger Games, Twilight), but does this mean they aren’t for adult readers? What’s the judgement and do we care?

Who’s Your Favorite Pony?
Sunday, 10:00 AM10:50 AM, The Shire
Vivian Trask
Everypony loves My Little Pony but who do you love best? Spend an hour talking cutie marks, tall tails and who’s who with friends!

Who’s Your Favorite Who?
Friday, 7:00 PM7:50 PM, Serenity
Peter J Wacks
Just like it sounds. With 12 (or 13) to choose from, who is your favorite and why?

Why Are My Best Ideas the Ones That Never Sell?
Saturday, 12:00 PM12:50 PM, Room of Requirement
Moderator: Peri Charlifu, Panel: Robert Hay, Becca Sakamoto
It’s hard to predict the collective mind of the general public. How do you stay creative in a market you have to please? Predicting the next great piece of art!

Why Do We Go Gaga Over Firefly
Friday, 9:00 PM9:50 PM, Helm’s Deep
Quincy J Allen, Chaz Kemp, Aaron Michael Ritchey
Why have so many of us lost our minds over the show and its demise? What was the allure and why won’t we let them take the sky from us?

Why Firefly Was Cut Short & Why We Want it Back
Sunday, 1:00 PM1:50 PM, Gallifrey
Keith DeCandido, Paul Lell, Thomas A Fowler
An entire generation of geekdom is scratching their heads about the end of Firefly. Why was it cut short and how can fandom prevent the best from getting chopped by studio execs?

Wizards Yule Ball in the Fall Feat. Brian Ross
Friday, 9:00 PM10:50 PM, Gallifrey
Brian Ross
Brian Ross of Draco and the Malfoys plays music from Draco’s point of view while we dream of cooler weather. Dress up in your finest dress robes and represent your house or allignment in your favorite colors. Friendly to all ages of witches and wizards.

Wonderflex and Worbla
Saturday, 10:00 AM10:50 AM, Gallifrey
Erin Card
We’ll share tips and techniques for getting started using materials to create futuristic and fantastical costume parts with time for hands-on experimentation. By the time you leave, you’ll realize creating epic armor isn’t as scary as it seems.

Writing the Supernatural
Sunday, 10:00 AM10:50 AM, Serenity
Mario Acevedo, David Boop, Keith DeCandido, Guy Anthony De Marco
How can we make tropes like ghosts, vampires, and werewolves appeal to audiences who have had their fill? What constitutes writing about the supernatural and what can authors do to pep up the characters and brighten up the tropes?

Writing Unforgettable Characters
Saturday, 10:00 AM11:50 AM, Helm’s Deep
Stant Litore
Based on Stant Litore’s handbook for writers, this intensive, two-hour class will lead you through provocative questions: What really attracts readers to a fictional character? How do you discover — and uncover — your character’s history and personality in ways that build tension and suspense in your story? How do you write unforgettable characters? Come find out!

You Think You’re a Fan? Trivia Quiz
Friday, 8:00 PM9:50 PM, Room of Requirement
Peri Charlifu, Lee Moody
Join Peri Charlifu and Lee Moody as they put you through the ringer, testing your knowledge of various fandoms in all its various forms. Compete with other self-proclaimed fans for prizes and the chance to show them who the real fan is! As seen at MileHiCon and COSine!